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Guide: The Ultimate Meetup Tips & Tricks

Here are the 20 ultimate tips and tricks to making your next Women Who Backcountry Ski & Snowboard a success. We want you to meet and cultivate meaningful relationships with women in this amazing backcountry community!

Have you ever been standing alone in a room full of strangers and didn't know where to start? Whether first day of work, at a conference, or a friend's party -- we have all been there.

We have put together a short guide on how you can get the maximum out of our events.


1. Come in with zero expectations.

2. See strangers as friends you haven’t met yet.

3. Get there early. Get to know the bartender or wait staff as a conversational warm up.

4. Know that there’s possibility in every conversation.

5. Review the RSVP list and figure out who you want to connect with beforehand.

6. Know what you want to say to those you know you want to meet.

7. Be interesting, ask interesting questions and become contagious.

8. Don't forget to introduce yourself! It's easy to never get names so make sure to make a point to share yours and get their's! 9. Refuel -- use the excuse to get another drink/food (including water) to leave one conversation and as you return insert yourself in another.

'The Start Zone':

Is the beginning point at all events. When people have just arrived, they’re usually juggling a lot of thoughts and are at most unease.

10. Allow people to come and get acclimated to the environment. Don't pounce on new comers.

'The Side Zone':

This is the perimeter of the event. Typically restroom, bar, food table, and even people you already know.

11. Don't hover outside the restroom. It's kind of creepy.

12. Don't pounce on people who are digging into shared appetizers or their plate. Their mind is on food. Give the person time to complete their mission and then proceed to strike up a dialogue.

13. Allow friends to make introductions to people you may not know.

14. But remember to not get stuck in your existing friend bubble. Use your existing relationships to bring others into the fold. Be welcoming!

'The Social Zone':

This is where you are going to meet the most amount of people and potentially your new 'backcountry bestie'.

15. When you see someone who just stepped away from the bar with a new drink or snack. Say hello! Introduce yourself.

16. Find the host (if in attendance) and introduce yourself to them. More than likely they have a little crowd around them. Proceed to introduce yourself to everyone with the host.

17. BUTT IN! Yes, if you see a few people talking or eating -- be bold, butt in and introduce yourself! Have no shame -- we are all here to get to know each other!

18. Always be moving. Don't hover! It can turn an exciting conversation stale.

19. Take a selfie with your new friends and share it with them. A great way to begin forming memories and attract new people.

20. Ask for interesting stories, share interesting stories. Connect over common experiences.

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