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Guide: 'Is she the right touring partner for me?'

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

When choosing your new 'backcountry bestie' there are a few things you want to keep in mind as your life is in their hands. Here are a few questions to ask before setting out in the backcountry:

  1. Are your skiing abilities similar?

  2. Do you have similar touring objectives?

  3. What kind of terrain have they toured on in the past?

  4. Does this person have their avalanche certifications?

  5. When was their last avalanche training?

  6. How many years have they spent in the backcountry?

  7. Are they an occasional explorer, weekend warrior or daily tourer?

  8. Are they someone who likes to get one lap in or run multiple? What's their average vertical gain in a tour?

  9. What is their touring speed?

  10. Do they have any emergency medical training?

  11. How often do they practice their beacon drills?

  12. How often do they practice digging?

  13. Do they tour under the influence? Is that okay with you?

  14. Do they do beacon checks prior to heading out into the backcountry?

  15. What's in their touring bag?

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